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Spring 2018 Recruitment

  • Sproul Table Aug 22 - 30
    Location: Sproul
    Time: 8am - 4pm
    CMG members and alumni will be at our table on Sproul. Come to hang out and talk to us about our projects, culture and experiences!
  • Location: Barrows 104
    Time: 8 - 10pm
    Come to our first infosession to learn more about our culture, projects, members and more! Make sure you stay afterwards to talk to our leadership!
  • Location: Barrows 140
    Time: 8 - 10pm
    If you missed our first infosession, come to our second infosession!

  • Case Workshop Aug 30
    Location: Dwinelle 109
    Time: 8 - 10pm
    Curious about the interview process? Our case workshop will cover market sizing, case and behavorial questions. We'll explain in detail what types of questions we will ask during our interviews.
    Time: Due 11:59pm
    The first round interviews will be based on your application and work sample, so make sure to think about your answers. The results will be emailed by the following morning.
  • Meet & Greet Aug 31
    *Invite Only*
    Come to our meet and greet to get to know us on a personal level! You can drop by any time during the event. Dress code is campus casual.
  • Interviews Sept 1 & 2
    *Invite Only*
    Group interview will test your teamwork and organizational skills, and the individual interview will test your technical skills and culture fit. If you are invited to the interviews, we will send an email with all the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in CMG?

CMG has 15-18 analysts, 6 project managers, and 5 executive members. We have varying number of both graduated and in-school alumni who come to mentor the analysts. We welcome all majors and years.

Do I need previous experience?

Nope! We will teach you everything you need to know. All we're looking for is passion and willingness to learn. If you have previous club / work experience, that's a plus!

Do I have to go to both infosessions?

Because both of our infosessions are identical, you only need to go to one.

How do I prep for the interviews?

Make sure you come to our case workshop, as we'll be covering everything you need to know. If you need any extra prep, we recommend checking out Victor Cheng's case interview videos.

What qualities does CMG look for in candidates?

We're looking for passionate students who can think critically, work well in teams, and are willing to learn new skills.